Welcome !

My name is Mosline Farawu-your life and relationship coach.

I have observed the panic and struggles that many people experience as they reach a certain age and have not found Mr./Mrs. Right, or find themselves divorced or widowed and single again or have become single parents. There are many traditional and cultural beliefs, stereotypes as well as self-limiting beliefs that begin to place barriers on the path of finding true love and a great life. As such many people resign to the fate of singlehood as their hopes and aspirations crumble in the face of adversity and they are force-marched by society into seclusion. Others kick and scream and try to free themselves of this early prison, but their dreams are shattered as they find themselves alone, with no roadmap or someone to champion their cause. This is where I come in as your coach.

  • To champion your cause
  • To provide a road map and
  • To be your cheerleader all the way
  • To make sure you find that dream partner

All my life, I have had this burning desire to help others. Be it at home (extended family), at school, at work or out there in society. I have been a teacher, counselor, mentor and coach all woven into one person. Little did I know that this passion would lead me to considering a life of professional coaching and particularly, Relationship Coaching? As a member of Relationship Coaching Institute, I am better placed to assist my clients with tried and tested tools and information, delivered in a professional manner ,to transform otherwise lonely lives to vibrant and satisfying ones.

It is from this background that this website comes as an expression of that desire to help:

  • Mature single professional men and women to realise their potential to attract the love and life they desire
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations
  • Have a resource to refer to for guidance
  • Act as a contact point for connecting and networking with other singles

Over the years I have taken to writing my thoughts down and publishing them as articles and blogs and many people found this useful. It is my hope that by sharing  that information here, many lives will be transformed and we will forge lasting relationships. You are welcome to visit my blog and post comments

Free resources, articles, e-books and information will be added regularly-so come back more often.