I have had the pleasure of being coached …

f1f9Over the past month I have had the pleasure of being coached by Mosline on how to manage relationships. When we started out it was not easy to open up as I was consumed by past mistakes and disappointments and I lacked trust. I am writing to express my gratitude because after a few sessions I have begun on a journey of self-introspection which has been inspired by my interactions with Mosline.  She is extremely helpful through her understanding of my situation in relation to some of her own experiences. It’s amazing how my outlook has changed and how I have found solutions where I least expected. Mosline has helped me to delve deep inside to uncover the root cause of the anger and bitterness that I have had for years.  I see myself progressing each day.  I am extremely impressed by her professionalism and easy going manner which I found has been instrumental in my opening up.

Thank you Mosline!