Recent Trends in Online Dating Personals

Recent Trends in Online Dating Personals

I recently ran an ad in the online dating personals section of a local classified site. My advert was specifically targeting single women who are looking for the love of their lives to consider joining an online community of like minded persons. The idea was to come up with enough interested people to conduct a seminar and introduce the topic of conscious dating. Instead this is what the ad attracted:

Observations from Online Personal Ads:

1. Majority of  respondents were men  who overlooked the details in the advert and went on to describe the woman they were looking for . Some desperately called me thinking I could be interested or asking me to help them find someone to have a no-strings attached relationship with. None of the men showed interest in finding the right partner for a proper relationship.

2. Meanwhile, most of the women who responded were looking for serious relationships. They were in the right age group for my niche  but were also not interested in the concept I was trying to introduce. Instead they were looking for fast matchmaking in order to find their Mr Right.

3. The dilemma arising from this situation is that there is a mismatch of interests, requirements , and wants. Even though a common need for companionship was coming out, it was in the midst of a bigger challenge. How on earth does one begin to reconcile someone looking for no-strings attached relationship with another looking for a serious relationship?

4. Unfortunately, even after offering the two sides my free 5-Day Conscious Dating E-course, none of the respondents expressed an interest in exploring this concept further.

This to me signaled a deteriorating trend in online  dating personals or trying to find a partner through online dating or matchmaking. There is an unhealthy trend toward instant gratification where one does not want to go through the steps of finding the right match and then enjoying the fruits later. It is sad to also observe that women are being caught up in this web of deception through ,”no-strings -attached relationships”. This is more the reason why mature women should go through the conscious dating program so that they learn not to compromise on their requirements in a relationship, look for and insist on the right relationship before plunging into the current trend .

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